Company Profile:
Our company was established by Ismail KELES within Kems Elektronik Makina Ltd. Sti. in 1980. Our first production has started with manufacturing frame and boxes of electronic devices and many advances have also been realized in sheet metal area by keeping up with developing technology. In 1994, the activities have been continued in 1200 m2 closed area in 2nd Organized Industrial Zone. Since Turkey is among developed countries and 21st century is an information age, our company is alive to produce in order to increase the success of our society. Our company has believed to benefit from technology extremely in order to produce more and more in good-quality and to compete in domestic and foreign markets. When our company has established a new one with the name İsfur Otomotiv İmalat San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. in 2001, it was decided to make KEMS a foreign trade company. Then it has continued its activities in automotive auxilary equipment and casting sector with the name of Isfur Automotive. In 2006, it started to continue on its activities in its new factory building. Nowadays, it continue its activities in the new building comprising 20.000 m2 open and 2.300 m2 closed area. Isfur which set its target with this idea and awareness starts out confidently to produce electronic devices and cabins, automotive auxilary equipment sub-industry products, especially sheet metal pieces, plastic injection moulds, sheet metal cutting and spinning moulds to Tumosan and more bigger companies. So Isfur is very glad to contribute to Turkish industry by feeling right proud of being professional in its area. Since its foundation, Isfur is in a struggle with great interest from the markets all over the country, precise labour in its modern production plants, its quality comprehension and rich variety without making concession from its appropriate price approach, excitement for being the first in this sector and TS EN ISO 9001 quality certificate for giving services by combining the technology and its experience in the area. Moreover, our company proceeds for being the first Turbocharger manufacturer of Turkey with SAFFER brand turbocharger which was the name for our patent application in 2007.

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Established Date: 1980  Tax Office: Selçuk  Tax Number: 4800235990  Staff Count: 1-5  Export Specialist: Özkan SARITAŞ